Respect all existing and the precious value inside.

Starting with awakening your body and going deep inside to the inner state of each mind allows the consciousness to be bloomed and shows the light back towards the outside of body. Would like to show that the many practices and mind settings above the matt are very much alike as the real life.

It is also the same for me to hope to bring happiness to your life and choose the bright side through practicing and knowing the philosophy of yoga.
We are created in the same space of universe and at the same time we go back to the same space of universe.
When knowing the truth of the space of universe we live in, life becomes more vast.
Respect the truth of all existing in this world.


I spent most of the time in my twenty to discover what
I really wanted to do and What I truly loved to do.
Yoga came to me and It made me to be interested in the balacne bewteen mind and body.
And I try to keep staying balanced in my life consistently.
Yoga has given me a goal of life
Yoga has drawn me into the path of vision.
I am always thinking about it within full of happieness.
 Practicing Yoga is always joyful and pleasurable.

Keep Clam and Practice On

By practicing Ashtanga Yoga together with me,
we could learn to control the power and to let vinyasa flow more smoothly.
By practicing Hatha Yoga, We could awaken the every inch of
our body and aware of it deeply as we stay in the poses.,
 Keep calm and Practice On.

Satyam Yoga Seoul - Bali

CEO : Shaila & Woosun

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Satyam Yoga Seoul

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