Vinyasa means to place in a special way. Vinyasa flow moves steadily from pose to pose in sequences of movements synchronized with breath. Through this flow of movement, you can listen to what your body and mind are telling you, and you can experience a progress to learn own wisdom.


The Ashtanga yoga practice is based on the vinyasa system. Each movement is linked toe a breath. The focuses of Ashtanga yoga practice are Vinyasa System, Ujjai Breath, Bandha and Drishti. As you take these all four focuses in practice, you can discipline your inner and outer body, and the previous pose will help you to ready to come into next following poses.


This is a class that will train you to the next step in accordance with your progress. Through this class, you will improve your body balance and improve your basic physical strength, and at the same time, you will strengthen your lower body. So you will be progressing a stable and deep backbend posture and from your roots to a strong handstand posture.


We named every kinds of yoga that practice Asanas(yoga poses) Hatha Yoga. In Hatha class of Styam, you hold a pose for 5 to 15min. or longer and stimulate subtle muscular action. Therefore, you awake body from the inside out and clam down all the turnings of thought in mind.

The Asana

In ‘The Asana’ Class, we focus more on muscle engagement rather than muscle lengthening. We will use different equipment for a better sense of body awareness. Everybody has different levels, so each person may do a different asana according to their pace. Every week, we will practice different asanas such as handstands, backbends and so on.


Retreat: Means 'to step back'. This is a class to improve our body's natural healing power through relaxation of body and mind, rather than trying to do anything. You will experience deep relaxation through nidra and movements that can induce awareness and relaxation.

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Satyam Yoga Seoul

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